Plastic Trim Clip Kit for Vauxhall Astra H

When removing, and attaching the bumpers on your Astra H, there are some small clips that need to be removed or attached. These can quite often get distorted or damaged during the process. There are replacements from various sources and I have found that using the kit from Amazon great.


Clip Kit for Astra H (2004-2009) This is a 32 Piece Kit of Plastic Fasteners used on the bumpers, wheel arches and grille of the Astra H. The kit is ideal for owners that need to replace the sometimes damaged clips that happen when removing or re attaching the bumpers. The kit includes all the plastic fasteners used on the bumpers, wheel arches and grille. The kit includes; 6x 6mm Push pin rivets for bumper 8x 8mm Blind rivets for wheel arch liners 4x 6mm Push fit Rivets for front grille 4x Screw grommets for bumper to wing connection 10x 8mm Blind rivets for grille & bumper  

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